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Continuing my appreciation for all things design-y from (or inspired by) the Continent, may I present West Elm's South Africa Collection. Launching this week, the collaboration showcases 16 South African artisans and includes an array of furniture, bedding, dinnerware, and accessories.

West Elm South Africa Collection

One of my closest friends is absolutely in love with SA. I can tell by the way she stresses the word "looooove" when referencing the country. Her reasons vary but I can hear that same passion when Creative Director Vanessa Holden explains West Elm's decision to produce the collection:

We felt so strongly about South Africa, we wanted people to be able to sit on it, eat out of it, and observe it.

Sounds like SA is the place to be! But since airfare is astronomically high (I checked), a few inspired pieces from your local West Elm store may temporarily satisfy.

West Elm South Africa Collection

West Elm South Africa Collection

The collection also includes limited-edition, discovered objects like the beaded Masai chokers and bird sculptures (shown above). Each Kuba Crescent Bench is one of a kind and covered in a traditional Congolese textile made of hand-woven raffia.

West Elm South Africa Collection

West Elm South Africa Collection

Like what you see? There's even more online!

Images: West Elm

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